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The necessity of killing tyranny in the cradle before exacerbation

Authoritarianism is the system for practicing arbitrariness, oppression, demolition and domination over the slaves, and it is neither a sect, nor a religion, an ideology, nor a nationalism, nor a specific homeland for it, but it is a state, behavior, behavior and system practiced in the name of (sect, religion, party, people or homeland) in the service of satisfying an individual or collective desire In authoritarianism and tyranny, without being subject to a law or rule, and without considering the rights and duties of the rulers and the ruled, and harnessing all surrounding capabilities (material and intangible) in the service of that absolute non-civilized and inhuman governance.

All peoples’ experiences have proven that the tyrannical octopus begins to sharpen its canines smoothly, tenderly and sweetly in presenting resonant and pretentious slogans far from the laws of practical reality in terms of rights and duties with touching the emotional depth of a Superman saying, in conjunction with and coinciding with intimidation, applause, and the populist glorification of a group or an exceptional, an exceptional, supernatural leader , Philosopher, scientist, fighter, fighter, editor, compassionate, compassionate, … … merciful, merciful, great …. !!!!! Gradual access to harnessing and consuming all slogans and their application and thrilling tools in service of the authoritarian regime, on top of which is the necessity leader, so that reality will later prevail with a powerful, arrogant force with fangs and claws embedded in the minds and chests, fueled by dignity, honor, freedom, the minds and souls of the opponents who violate, accompanied by the cheap exploitation of all values ​​and values. Material and moral for the sake of that eternal leader, his party, his family, his servants, and ……
Perhaps the clearest case of authoritarian and tyrannical escalation is what the octopus and the unjust lion’s cancer have reached in Syria, where they were, and are still, the systematic consumption of ringing slogans (unity, freedom, progress, resistance, resistance, revolution, liberation, citizenship, the people, the homeland, correction, urbanization, The law, … To the decline and recklessness of civilized human values, norms and morals, and the situation has reached in order to preserve the continuity of arbitrary and possessive rule by overcoming all the open limits that the mind conceives of the brutal and inhuman behavior,Lying, hypocrisy, waste of dignity, degradation of human values, displacement, exile, torture to death, and mass murder have become practiced according to plans and methodology with brutal experience and studied without any fear of deterrence or accountability.
Here, we should not fail to mention that the transformations and changes that have taken place in Syria and the sacrifices made by the heroes cannot be called the Syrian revolution if it is not crowned with an eternal grave for any idea, mentality, or authoritarian regime, where the road is cut off from any idea or authoritarian situation and with any justification related to leaders, individuals or Parties or groups, history in general and the multi-sectarian experience of Syria in particular confirm that there is no free life in Syria under a single leader, party, or party, regardless of the size, but a free Syria is represented in the belief in the voluntary union of living and entrenched components and that everyone exercises their freedom without contradiction. And the freedom of others, and everyone obtains his rights on the basis of the laws and charters approved by human civilization throughout the years of its development, and that outside this concept means the transition from a prolonged tyranny to an emerging tyranny with new tools and what will accompany it of humiliation, oppression and new slavery after the number and the huge amount of sacrifices for liberation and breaking the chains and shackles. .
So admonish whether you are reasonable, Syrians, Arabs, Kurds, or … Sunnis, whether you are Alawites or … … despotism and authoritarianism begins soft and slogans with small fangs and ends with an octopus and a cancer that eats into the body of humanity that is difficult to get rid of later.
Here, the free people must focus on fighting and killing tyranny in its cradle, with group cohesion, realistic, sincere and clear in the current and future circumstances, relying and not worshiping the ideas and efforts of individuals or groups while rejecting the imposition of leaders and their tools of unilateral ideas and slogans of chauvinism or fanaticism (sectarian, religious, ethnic. ..) to fight racist or extremist ideas, in order for the liberals to leave a message for future generations saying that a revolution for their ancestors took place, and they paid enormous sacrifices for its victory, and these free people will receive from their descendants in the future a great respect, appreciation and glorification for what their ancestors left from the free, participatory democratic heritage, outside such a system. A free, participatory democracy, the curse of generations will be upon the forefathers who fail in human goals (justice, dignity, equality, rights, freedom and democracy) for selfishness and temporary gains at the expense of the pure blood of the martyrs of justice, dignity and sincere freedom.