AMD Unveils Radeon Pro 5600M: Navi, HBM2, and Shipping in Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro

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Apple has introduced a new refresh for the MacBook Professional 16-inch, with claims that the new GPU option will give up to a 75 per cent overall performance advancement for finish-consumers. Rumors counsel the GPU could be unique to Apple’s merchandise lines, but the 5600M appears to be like a sizeable improve when compared with nearly anything AMD has shipped prior to.

With a $700 improve price, you will be shelling out by the nose for this GPU — starting off price on the MacBook Professional 16-inch with a 5600M is going to be ~$3,200 for the base configuration.

One particular of the qualities of low-electricity GPUs is that they tend to be vast and gradual. Electric power intake in GPUs and CPUs isn’t linear with regard to clock velocity as soon as voltage boosts are expected to attain better frequencies. With the 5600M, AMD has doubled down on this strategy. With 40 CUs, the 5600M matches the full-excess fat Radeon 5700XT in main depend, but it runs at a portion of the clock velocity — 1035MHz raise clock, when compared with 1905MHz for the 5700XT. Memory bandwidth, nevertheless, is nearly the identical: 394GB/s for the 5600M, when compared with 448GB/s for the 5700 XT. The chip utilizes a two-stack HBM2 answer for memory bandwidth, with two 1024-bit inbound links in overall.

Apple claims the GPU can give up to a 75 per cent overall performance advancement about preceding playing cards, and on the lookout at the specs, we can think it — at the very least in some workloads. Navi was approximately 1.3x much more effective for each clock than GCN, so shifting absent from Vega / Polaris wins that as a big place quickly. Memory bandwidth has nearly doubled in several scenarios, so any GPU bandwidth-delicate workloads are going to see a kick. The enlargement to 8GB will let the GPU to run workloads the 4GB 5500M could not have touched.

We don’t know how proficiently Apple’s earlier GPUs hold their clocks, so it’s extremely hard to compute how considerably of an advantage the 5600M delivers. If Apple’s Radeon 5300M and 5500M GPUs in the 16-inch MacBook Professional devote most of their time in the vicinity of major-clock, the gains will be lesser. If they tended to pull down into the 1.2 – 1.3GHz assortment, the sheer width of the 5600M will give it a significant overall performance raise.

Be mindful, nevertheless, that the genuine overall performance figures presented are beneath that 75 per cent determine. The gains in Apple’s chosen benchmarks look to typically be in the 1.2x – 1.4x assortment, with both equally Fortnite and Total War: 3 Kingdoms selecting up ~1.3x.

Image and data by Apple

Most extraordinary of all is the electricity intake. AMD claims it can deliver this card — with 8GB of VRAM, 40 CUs, 160 texture units, and (presumably) 64 ROPs in just 50W of electricity — equivalent to the weaker, much less-outfitted 5300M and 5500M prior to it.

There are a number of implications to AMD’s determination to construct a Navi-course GPU this way. Very first, it indicates HBM2 is however providing electricity enhancements about GDDR6, at the very least higher than specified capacities. We knew that HBM2 had rewards about GDDR5 and GDDR5X, but GDDR6 is much more electricity-effective than both.

This, in turn, indicates that Navi is capable of making use of both equally kinds of RAM. This could have ramifications for AMD’s future CDNA GPUs (Compute Navi), or even some of its major-tier graphics playing cards. The assumption has been that AMD would equip Significant Navi / RDNA2 with GDDR6, and I think that is however the likely result, but this is the 1st time we have found an RDNA GPU put together with HBM rather of GDDR6, and it indicates AMD is holding its hand in that sport.

As for the price and likely overall performance of the 5600M, here’s the way I see it: You don’t invest in a MacBook Professional due to the fact you want a low-price laptop with the greatest achievable overall performance-for each-dollar. You don’t invest in a superior-finish GPU from Apple if you care about pricing on the Computer side at all, due to the fact Apple has generally billed exorbitant improve price ranges.

The 5600M is going to be the greatest-doing GPU option in a MacBook Professional, and that is going to go at the very least some laptops from people today who want overall performance in that variety aspect and with macOS rather of Home windows. AMD suggests the new GPU option is for video enhancing, color grading, software development, and sport creation. We almost certainly will not see this unique element arrive to Home windows PCs, but we’d like to know what AMD’s plans for HBM2 and Navi search like in the future.

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