Caveat Emptor: Counterfeit Intel CPUs Are Popping Up in China

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Bogus laptop or computer chips have been an ongoing difficulty Intel and AMD have struggled to offer with for a long time. It appears that these types of actions is on the increase once again, with extra fake Intel CPUs showing up on the Chinese market.

The article by HKEPC via THG actions as a result of some of the illustrations of how this form of fraud is pulled on unsuspecting consumers. The solutions vary. In some circumstances, companies will grind the label off the entrance of a CPU and repaint the lid, but you in the end wind up getting a CPU that’s appropriate with a motherboard you may possibly attempt to adhere it into, even if what you explore is that you’ve compensated 9900K costs for a Pentium Gold G5400.

As crappy as that is, the situation only declines from there. Some scammers have been recognised to repurpose completely distinct CPU families. What’s even worse than getting a Pentium Gold G5400? How about getting a Core 2 Duo that’s been rebadged to seem as if it is a Core i9?


Graphic from HKEPC

In some circumstances, the scammers really don’t even trouble with a CPU. Here’s a Core i7-7700K die that’s been glued on to a eco-friendly PCB.


Also? That’s a awful paste software. Off-center. Quite shoddy.

Intel has notified consumers that it will not honor warranties for mislabeled silicon and/or eco-friendly paperweights with CPU lids glued to them. It’s hard to blame the enterprise. Pledging to simply exchange the products would be a golden opportunity for scammers to flood the market with terrible components and depend on Intel to make up the distinction. CPU lids from the Core i7-7700K are reportedly common mainly because that CPU has paste underneath the lid as a substitute of solder, and is thus comparatively quick to de-lid. Specified that these folks are selling counterfeit components in the 1st spot, I suspect they are extra worried with preserving the lid in an quick-to-rehab ailment than with making certain that the CPU underneath truly features.

It’s correct that you can sometimes pick up wonderful specials in Jap marketplaces — some of you may possibly remember that acquiring cheap Korean 1440p panels was a detail folks did for a few years. When the build high quality and presentation of some of these shows was tough on the edges, the real panels them selves were effectively-rated. These scenarios, nonetheless, are unusual. Much more often than not, a cheap Chinese products declare, like an abnormally cheap Core i-9900K, is going to be a fraud. When it is quite unusual to get a fraud CPU in the United States, it can absolutely materialize.

If you are acquiring a CPU from eBay or an individual reseller somewhere else online, really don’t be scared to check with for photos of the products. Assess them to die photographs from numerous angles, entrance and back again. Counterfeit CPUs almost often have at minimum a person telltale function that they aren’t legit, irrespective of whether it is an inexact label or a nonstandard notch layout as proven higher than.

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