Elon Musk, Now World’s Richest Man, Reaffirms His Intention to Live on Mars

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For the previous few many years, Jeff Bezos has been the richest man or woman in the environment — even soon after losing a substantial chunk of his fortune in a divorce. That altered this 7 days when a Tesla stock surge produced Elon Musk the world’s richest gentleman. In celebration, he’s not going to Disneyland. Nope, Elon Musk is apparently very serious about residing on Mars, and he wants to carry a million people today along for the ride. 

Just after Musk formally became the world’s most productive capitalist on Thursday, he pinned a 2018 tweet to his Twitter web site announcing his intention to use his wealth to begin a colony on Mars. In accordance to a new job interview, that’s also why he’s offering all his home, such as a dwelling that as soon as belonged to Gene Wilder. Oh, it could have a minor some thing with Musk transferring to Texas for tax explanations, but he’ll convey to you it’s about Mars. 

Founding a colony on the pink earth won’t be quick or low-priced, but Elon Musk does have $188 billion. That contains stock and assets he almost certainly are not able to promote, but he’s not hurting for funds, either. SpaceX and the in-enhancement Starship rocket are key to Musk’s options. By 2050, Musk has claimed he hopes to have a fleet of 1,000 Starships with a few vessels launching each individual day. 

The Starship is still a extended way from carrying travellers, but Musk believed we’re only many years away from environment foot on Mars.

Musk has talked about the charge of a vacation to Mars, most recently pegging the charge about $500,000. For effectively-to-do Us residents, that’s in access if you promote every thing you have on Earth as Musk statements to be doing. For all people else, Musk suggests there will be loans. Having said that, I am still unconvinced of the wisdom of going into debt to journey to a billionaire’s non-public earth where there are no legislation. I have go through this sci-fi novel, and it doesn’t stop effectively. 

This all feels substantially far more true now — the richest one man or woman on Earth wants to go to Mars. He can almost certainly make that transpire thanks to the unfathomable wealth at his disposal. Whether or not or not it’s a superior plan is another tale. NASA has spoken frequently about its options for Mars, which could include a crewed mission in the 2030s. NASA is far more cautious for the reason that, for a person, it doesn’t have billions of pounds burning a hole in its proverbial pocket. There are also a lot of unknowns about residing on Mars. The reduced gravity and higher radiation could make extended-phrase colonization unsafe or impossible right up until technology sophisticated significantly. And nevertheless, Elon Musk looks lifeless-set on going to Mars quicker fairly than afterwards.

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