New AMD Threadripper Pro 3995WX to Offer 8-Channel DDR4 Support

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There is been a rumor heading all around this week about a new, 64-main Threadripper CPU from AMD. Dubbed the 3995WX and debuting below the “Threadripper Pro” brand name-identify, this chip is supposed to debut with an eight-channel memory configuration with assistance for up to 2TB of RAM.

Up till now, the chip has just been a rumor, but a modern image of the main popped up on Chiphell, pointing in the direction of a definite introduction/start at some place. The image has because been taken off, but hat-tip to Expert3D for surfacing the information.

I’ve spent a good deal of time with the Threadripper 3990X in different evaluations. The 3990X only presents a single memory channel per 16 cores. Its significant L3 caches do an admirable job holding the main fed, but there are specified memory bandwidth-sensitive purposes that never scale up very well on the 3990X. Because the CPU operates into other concerns relevant to Microsoft Windows and its assistance for processors with far more than 64 cores, these bandwidth constraints do not appear to be the theory bottleneck for the chip. But in the checks where they appear, they drag on efficiency.

A Ryzen Threadripper Professional 3995WX with 8-channel RAM assistance would eradicate this constraint, with 2x the total RAM bandwidth. We never have any other information on the CPU, but we’d be expecting the clocks to be comparable to the 3990X unless of course AMD’s future 8-channel memory system also amplified the CPU electricity draw. The 3990X is constrained to 280W nominally, even though that can be exceeded to fantastic influence. Our overclocking test results confirmed that the 3990X had a good deal of headroom and benefited from even modest whole-main overclocking.

I would not be expecting the 3995WX to be a particularly economical processor, and it’s not heading to be a particularly performant chip either exterior of distinct workloads. The 3990WX is an complete beast when deployed in an powerful configuration — I’ve in fact utilised it for managing several simultaneous test encodes in my DS9UP (DS9 Upscale Challenge) to impressive influence — but AMD has particularly positioned it as a rendering and workstation main due to the fact the purposes that gain from it the most are all those that carry out their have schedulers different from the default Windows scheduler.

How AMD positions this chip will convey to us some thing about how the company’s efforts to unseat Intel in qualified markets are coming along. Intel has decreased charges on both of those its HEDT and its Xeon processors about the previous calendar year to contend far more successfully from AMD’s Threadripper and Epyc products and solutions. It is unclear how or if AMD will section this system to retain it different from Epyc, but AMD segments less of its item features than Intel does in the initial place. The variations might be minor.

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