Raspberry Pi 4 Now Available With 8GB of RAM, 64-Bit OS

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For several years, the Raspberry Pi has been the leading single-board computer for hobbyists. These devices expense as minor as $5 and include all the main factors of a computer, but there are also a lot more potent versions. The most current Raspberry Pi 4 has a new product with 8GB of RAM. Blended with its quad-main ARM chip and enough I/O choices, the most current Raspberry Pi 4 can consider on even a lot more responsibilities that would have essential a Personal computer in the past. It even has a new 64-bit OS to leverage all that RAM. 

The Raspberry Pi 4 introduced final yr in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB RAM configurations. The rest of the components was a solid advancement in excess of past versions with a pair of HDMI outputs, USB 2. and USB 3. ports, gigabit Ethernet, and a quad-main Cortex-A72 ARM chip clocked at 1.5GHz. There is even a USB-C port for power. Despite the fact that, the to start with board revision experienced a flaw that prevented numerous USB cables from giving power. 

There was no 8GB RAM solution at start since there was no 8GB LPDDR4 chip compatible with the circuit board. It took a minor function to accommodate the extra RAM on the Raspberry Pi 4. Designers experienced to remove the old switch-method power provide from the appropriate facet of the board (in the vicinity of the USB-A ports), including a increased potential switcher up coming to the USB-C port on the still left. 

The formal Raspberry Pi Linux build also needed some function. Right until now, Debian-primarily based Raspbian OS only came in 32-bit. 32-bit units can only tackle about 4GB of RAM, so the 8GB module would go to waste. There are 3rd-celebration running units that will see all that RAM, but the formal Raspbian is now offered as a 64-bit image. The Raspberry Pi foundation notes this is even now an “early beta,” while. 

The 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 is offered now at various retailers for $75, which is $20 a lot more than the 4GB edition. That excess RAM could be a serious boon to several popular Raspberry Pi projects. For instance, a media server like Plex or Kodi must be a lot more responsive on the new 8GB model. The similar goes for working a Minecraft server, which is bundled with Raspbian. The Raspberry Pi is all about creative imagination, and you can get a lot more innovative with 8GB of RAM than 4GB.

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