SilverStone’s Latest Power Supply Can Drive Two RTX 3090s at the Same Time

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The RTX 3090 is the only GPU that now supports Nvidia’s NVLink/SLI technological innovation, and there are in all probability some buyers of these cards that would really like to use them in tandem. Finding a power offer capable of driving two distinct GPUs with a 350W TDP, however, is something of a tall purchase. Silverstone has one, however: Meet up with the DA1650.

Tell us about the DA1650, Bob!

The DA1650 is an 80Moreover Gold Electric power Provide with industrial layout strains and a elegant, matte black finish. It is thoroughly modular, permitting any cable to be changed, and it utilizes a 135mm FBA fan. Running sounds is reportedly underneath 36dBA.

Many thanks, Bob. [Talking to ourselves again, Joel? -Ed.]

Amusingly, the DA1650 is mentioned as having a power density of 711W for each liter. The DA1650 is thus a 2.3L power offer. Do with this what you will.

This unit presents a single rail, which is a layout trait I have normally preferred. There’s no chance of destabilizing or outright frying a GPU by hooking it to rails that couldn’t supply enough voltage. (I have seen this materialize to a colleague of mine).

The unit carries a five-12 months guarantee, and is fairly highly-priced, at $330. If you are the type of man or woman who really requirements this power offer, however, you are in all probability performing adequate major do the job in computing that a selling price tag like that will not stage you. Players frequently really do not have to fret about this type of point there is no proof we’ll will need 1kW power supplies for gaming any time soon.

When it comes to buying large power supplies, it is normally clever to shell out consideration to the specific producer demands. It is probable for a 1kW power offer to be completely “1kW”, but to have a good quite a few 12V rails — so quite a few, that the most amperage each rail can supply is reasonably little in contrast with the overall amount of money of amperage accessible throughout the card.

With one single, monstrous rail, this PSU will not have that issue. We’re not guaranteed why any one requirements two RTX 3090s, but if you will need ’em, this power offer unit can certainly force them. As for power performance ratings, there are two techniques to believe about this question. This PSU is Gold rated, which means it assures a most of 87 % performance at 20 % load, 90 % at 50 % load, and 87 % at 100 % load. Step up from that to Titanium, and you get 92 % performance at 20 % load, 94 % at 50 % load, and 90 % at full load. The Titanium is above the Gold unit by in between 3-5 %.

We explore how substantially these distinctions make a difference in the “Is it Worth Investing in a Significant-Performance Electric power Provide?” Limited solution: Definitely it’s possible. Hat-tip to our sister web page, PCMag, for spotting this story.

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