The 3dfx Voodoo Could Ride Again, in Lego Form

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Lego has an Thoughts website, where by end users can post ideas for merchandise that Lego will take into consideration turning into real collectible sets. The plan of the website is easy: Everyone can upload a Lego style and design, which is then voted on by the neighborhood. If a project gets a specific selection of votes, the length of time it has to meet the upcoming interest tier is extended. If it reaches 10,000 votes, Lego may possibly formally take into consideration the set for production. Now, another person has proposed a GPU based on a style and design some of you could discover a wee bit common.

3dfx may possibly have vanished from the field a long time ago, but just one creator has experienced the plan to provide the GPU again in Lego sort. For these of you do not try to remember, the 3dfx Voodoo was the first mainstream 3D accelerator for gaming methods. The Voodoo loved ones implemented a simplified model of OpenGL that 3dfx called “Glide.” It wasn’t capable of displaying a 2D desktop — you in fact linked the Voodoo or Voodoo 2 instantly to your existing 2D GPU by an exterior watch cable, then hooked your watch to the Voodoo card.


Fun truth: we didn’t in fact connect with them GPUs again then, for the reason that the expression hadn’t been invented nonetheless. Nvidia popularized the expression GPU, whilst VPU, ATI’s proposed alternate, unsuccessful to capture on in-sector. The 3dfx Voodoo grew to become a legendary GPU for a large amount of men and women. I didn’t individually possess just one I obtained into 3D gaming when an uncle acquired me a Diamond Monster 3D II for Xmas circa 1997, and I’m a bit disappointed that we’re commencing with the authentic Voodoo alternatively than the significantly enhanced stick to-up.

As the creator notes:

In the early 1990’s, extra sophisticated Personal computer movie game titles would need extra strong pcs, forcing Personal computer players to update from 286’s to expensive 386’s and beyond to participate in the hottest titles. With the physical appearance of 3D graphics cards, this kind of radical updates ended up no extended as essential and cards this kind of as the Voodoo promptly grew to become the update of option for Personal computer homeowners wanting to participate in game titles this kind of Quake by id Computer software at their ideal. This card was just one of a limited sequence of Personal computer cards I created for exciting in 2019 as exciting way to pass the time. I have enjoyed producing them and they have been a resource of some pleasing nostalgia.

The Lego Voodoo has satisfied the 100-vote and 1,000-vote necessity interest tiers so significantly. I have in no way acquired a Lego set as an adult, but if the firm in fact designed this, I’d possibly get just one. The truth that there’s a faux shadow on the Lego build is a truly wonderful contact to the way we normally handle product photography. No phrase on regardless of whether this design arrives with an SLI pass-through cable, and you may possibly have trouble discovering a motherboard that supports Lego PCI, but it appears to be like like a deserving endeavor to us.

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