Updated Radeon Drivers for Intel/AMD Hades Canyon Are Nowhere to Be Found

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When AMD and Intel jointly announced the Hades Canyon NUC would feature an Intel CPU and AMD GPU with an attached HBM memory pool, curiosity across the consumer local community was substantial. Sad to say, the driver condition has turned into instead a muddle.

When Hades Canyon was announced, the notion of AMD and Intel collaborating on anything sounded a little bit like the Byzantines and Persians teaming up to combat the Muslims (the Battle of Firaz, 634) or, if you desire your record a little bit a lot less historic, like the Battle for Itter Castle on Could 5, 1945. The latter is the only time in WW2 when American and German military forces fought on the similar side in order to defend Itter Castle in opposition to an attack from the Waffen-SS.

In both circumstances, these unexpected alliances are remembered as the exceptions to the rule (the Persians and Byzantines had fought a war from 602-628, and I’ll suppose anyone is conscious we ended up on the opposite side from Germany from 1939-1945). Sad to say, that concern is on exhibit as properly — because while Kaby Lake-G was considerably-heralded, it hasn’t been supported all that properly.

Just after a lengthy break from driver updates, Intel announced that AMD would henceforth be handling the driver side of the equation. That was good, because the graphics hardware and driver stack are obviously coming from AMD in the initial location. But we have now strike a dilemma wherever AMD has also stepped back from offering aid, at minimum temporarily.

THG initial found this when they tried to update a Kaby Lake-G process with Windows 10 2004. The WDDM 2.7 driver (20.5.1) and the WHQL driver (20.4.2) both are unsuccessful to set up. THG arrived at out to AMD and gained the next terse reply: “We are operating to deliver back Radeon graphics driver aid to Intel NUC 8 Intense Mini PCs (formerly codenamed Hades Canyon).”

Graphic by THG

The actuality that AMD is operating to deliver aid back is in encouraging because it implies that the solution hasn’t been altogether given up on. Fewer encouraging is the actuality that there’s any need to deliver aid “back” in the initial location. Kaby Lake-G was meant to be furnished with five yrs of driver updates, but we aren’t viewing the variety of aid out of AMD or Intel that we’d expect.

In the end, offering great aid for legacy products and solutions is an critical way manufacturers create consumer rely on. The Hades Canyon NUC is not going to have a big impression on AMD or Intel’s bottom line and hardly ever did, but buyers who bought them took a probability that both firms would get the job done collectively to supply mutual aid. They are entitled to to get what they paid out for, particularly if firms want us to assess their 1-off and unconventional partnerships with anything but a gimlet eye.

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