High-VRAM Variants of RTX 3080, 3070, Upcoming 3060 Confirmed

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The Ampere launch previously this week showed handful of weak details in Nvidia’s RTX 3080 — perfectly, other than launch availability, which was below and gone in an fast. A single major issue has been how AMD’s RDNA2 will contend in opposition to these new GPUs. Rumors have instructed that the business could possibly leverage higher RAM loadouts, with a 16GB RDNA2 GPU positioned in the vicinity of or straight in opposition to an equal 10GB RTX 3080.

A new leak indicates Nvidia has a system for that eventuality: doubled-up VRAM on the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070. The leak, in this scenario, will come from a Gigabyte promotion where the business shown a selection of unlaunched item SKUs, which includes chips in the RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 family members. While the 3090 GPUs however top out at 24GB, there are 20GB selections for the RTX 3080 and 16GB selections for the RTX 3070. The however-unannounced RTX 3060 would offer you 8GB.

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This is not terrific news for AMD, whose hypothetical top-conclude RDNA2 GPU is already mathematically struggling with a challenging struggle in opposition to the RTX 3080. According to 3DCenter.de, throughout a large array of assessments, the 5700 XT averages 50.5 p.c of the RTX 3080’s general performance. Since we can’t think fantastic scaling and we really do not know considerably about target clocks outside of an assumed 1.85GHz – 2.25GHz array based on the Xbox Sequence X and PlayStation 5, it seems as however AMD will require some critical enhancements to problem the card. A single rumor that is gone about since the RTX 3080 collection was introduced is that AMD will do this based on higher VRAM at the exact expense. AMD has used this method right before, so the concept would make sense, as this September 4 rumor illustrates:

If Nvidia options to bring large-RAM chips to market place, it could make AMD’s everyday living even more difficult — but only if Nvidia costs them aggressively. It could possibly not. I suspect what Nvidia could possibly do is use its decreased-RAM versions to problem AMD’s higher VRAM capacities, then placement the 20GB RTX 3080 over whatever 16GB GPU AMD brings to market place to contend with the RTX 3070 16GB or RTX 3080 10GB, relying on what AMD has to offer you.

This is not to say AMD has no selections. It could decide on to placement its approaching GPUs at cost details where they conquer their Nvidia competitiveness and offer you outstanding VRAM at an equal cost point. It could possibly have a genuine surprise in store for everybody regarding RDNA2’s clock speeds or IPC enhancements above the authentic RDNA. We have not listened to any particular rumors on this matter pro or con outside of the 80CU rumor that is been floating about for months.

There are certainly methods AMD can make RDNA2 aggressive in-market place, even with Ampere’s incredibly powerful debut. Nevertheless, Nvidia seems to have an excellent hand to enjoy this technology. RDNA2 already seems very good, but provided how powerful the RTX 3080 is, RDNA2 will require to be terrific to put AMD back again in an complete management placement. Featuring 16GB and 20GB versions of the RTX 3070 and 3080 is not going to significantly alter the condition of the aggressive market place, but it closes a loophole in Nvidia’s item stack AMD could have been arranging to exploit.

Ultimate observe: It is not obvious if it’ll make any sense to obtain these large-VRAM versions. Game builders are not likely to create titles that require 16GB+ of VRAM if the typical gamer is however in the 8-10GB array. Any person performing on AI could want more VRAM, of course, as could expert users, but it is not obvious how considerably avid gamers will profit. Don’t think that the large-VRAM variants will immediately justify their pricing — occasionally more doesn’t equal greater.

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