MSI Launches a Water-Cooled Motherboard That Won’t Break the Bank

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Back again in early May perhaps, we reviewed Asrock’s $1,100 motherboard and the actuality that it did not appear to be made for any actual team of users. Now, MSI has declared its individual water-cooling products line, and it looks to be substantially more practical than what Asrock confirmed in May perhaps.

The MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X (MPG? Carbon?) options a custom water block developed in partnership with the premium water block producer EKWB. The cooler block is made to cool both of those the CPUs and VRMs, which usually means it’ll fit this motherboard specially but won’t function with other people unless of course MSI goes to the difficulty of guaranteeing backwards-and-forwards water block compatibility.

Aspect-smart, the board supports what you’d be expecting from a products of its caliber, with USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, Wi-Fi 6, and 2.5G Ethernet guidance. The motherboard involves a leak-testing kit and RGB guidance accomplished in MSI’s colors with guidance for 16.8 million colors and 29 consequences. With this sort of coloration and outcome guidance, you can hold it looking like a unicorn horked a rainbow into your office environment all year spherical.

Value: Sensible!

The most significant explanation I did not like Asrock’s shot at the water-cooled market is that it was not very clear who was actually intended to purchase an $1100 motherboard as a critical products. When thoroughly custom kits from EKWB charge considerably less than 50 % that a great deal, inquiring people to shuck out that sort of funds for a motherboard normally takes some guts, no matter whether the products in issue is “limited edition” or not.


Fortunately, MSI doesn’t abide by Asrock’s direct in the pricing division. The MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X is expected to retail for just $399, and even though which is continue to quite superior, it is a great deal closer to anything fanatics could possibly look at sensible than $1,100 was.

Will This Pattern Maintain?

The most appealing issue about the actuality that we’re seeing several organizations pushing custom loop alternatives as default on a motherboard is the implication that this could turn out to be more common in yrs forward. AMD and Intel’s electrical power usage is not going down, and electrical power demands are only rising.

To place it another way: If Intel or AMD kicks a 500W CPU out the door and declares it is for major-tier water-cooling fanatics, you’d see a spike in custom loop gross sales.

Very little inside practical arrive at of a standard Personal computer fanatic can trump custom loop water cooling with an internal or external reservoir. One-stage freon cooling is a great deal colder, of system, but not numerous people have the knowledge to develop just one. EKWB, in contrast, sells prebuilt water cooling kits to consider all the guesswork out of the equation.

I think the likelihood of this happening are continue to quite smaller, the Personal computer industry has by no means collectively embraced water cooling, preferring to in its place find techniques to even further prolong air cooling efficiency. If absolute Personal computer electrical power usage keeps rising, they won’t have a decision. With that reported, water delivers great results on the full. When I reviewed the VisionTek CryoVenom back in 2014, I was astonished to see how very well the GCN GPU responded to superior clocks — from 949MHz to 1225MHz, at a greatest temperature of just 46 levels Celsius. H2o undoubtedly has cooling possible that air cannot match, but no matter whether we’ll see it capture on in the mainstream market? That’s a distinctive tale.

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