Toshiba Clarifies Which of Its Consumer HDDs Use Shingled Magnetic Recording

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Soon after news broke that the significant tricky generate corporations have all been shipping SMR drives into many shopper goods, some of the makers involved have been clarifying which of their own HDDs are really SMR drives rather of CMR. Toshiba is the hottest corporation to release this facts, however there are boundaries to its report that make it likely considerably less valuable than we’d like.


Seagate has also deployed shingled magnetic recording to improve areal density of its generate platters, however the know-how isn’t a wonderful fit for shopper goods.

As a reminder: SMR stands for Shingled Magnetic Recording and refers to the placement of tracks on the HDD platter by itself. With conventional recording, a gap is still left in-amongst each monitor, allowing the monitor to be individually read through and prepared. With SMR, the tracks are layered instantly future to each other, somewhat like shingles. This suggests that creating knowledge to the generate calls for looking through and creating numerous tracks at as soon as.

Data and graph by Anandtech.

The affect on read through speeds is small-to-nil, but the compose speed affect for using SMR can be sizeable. There’s not a ton of knowledge on how this hits shopper use-situations since, up right up until now, reviewers haven’t been treating SMR drives as if they were being very likely to wind up being utilized for major tricky drives. I’d be shocked if we never commence viewing additional assessments on this in short order.

In any event, here’s what Toshiba has to say. The P300 6TB HDWD260UZSVA and P300 4TB HDWD240UZSVA are the two SMR desktop HDDs that Toshiba only ships to bulk OEMs — which suggests any laptop computer you obtain with a 4TB or a 6TB Toshiba HDD has to be checked to see if it makes use of just one of these two products. Retail P300 drives major out at 3TB.

Now, as opposed to the desktop loved ones, numerous bulk and retail L200 laptop computer drives also use SMR, including:

HDWL120UZSVA (2TB, bulk)
HDWL120EZSTA (2TB, retail)
HDWL120XZSTA (2TB, retail)

The 1TB drives at 7mm thick are also impacted (HDWL110UZSVA, HDWL110EZSTA, and HDWL110XZSTA). The initially is a bulk generate, the 2nd two are retail goods.

Sad to say, since Toshiba is selling these drives in bulk, it may possibly be challenging to make particular you aren’t shopping for just one. ExtremeTech does not advise using an SMR generate in a shopper system as major storage unless of course you are especially informed of its very likely overall performance attributes and do not mind them. The drastically reduce compose overall performance that SMR offers in some cases is of considerably less concern for individual backup drives or comparable apps, but tricky drives are by now very poor options for storage speed when compared with SSDs, and SMR drives are reduce than CMR (conventional magnetic recording) in numerous more elements.

We are happy Toshiba arrived forward with this facts, but we can only advise shopping for a system with a Toshiba HDD if you either know precisely what you’ll be obtaining into or can ensure you aren’t shopping for an SMR generate.

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